Decent Security

Welcome to the resource you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Decent Security is a step-by-step guide to help you properly set up a Windows machine and be secure in a matter of minutes. It’s written by @swiftonsecurity, who is somewhat of a mysterious being, but is also one of the better known systems security experts on Twitter with a total of 272K followers at the time of writing.

The website contains no-nonsense material that will get you up and running (and secure) as fast as possible, from an explanation of how users get infected with malware to guides on how to set up and maintain a Windows machine, how to configure a router, and how you get phished. Not only that, but it provides solutions for both home and enterprise users.

Even though I’ve been tinkering with computers for over a decade now, I learned a lot reading through Decent Security while setting up Windows machines, and you can too; it’s a very beginner-friendly tool. No particular knowledge is required to make use of it. Whether you want to set up your brand new Windows laptop or simply beef up the security on your existing hardware, please read through this resource next time you feel like giving your computer a well-deserved spa day.